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Thank you for your interest!

We are getting more emails than usual regarding glove supply, so our response may be slower than usual.

Due to limited available capacity, your inquiry will be placed on a notify list where we will contact you should spare capacity becomes available.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

Please note the following products ARE NOT AVAILABLE as we are not equipped to manufacture them:

1) VINYL GLOVE – NOT AVAILABLE – Only made in China or Vietnam

2) LATEX GLOVE – NOT AVAILABLE – Lightly Powdered – We are a powder free only facility

3) LATEX GLOVE – NOT AVAILABLE – Powder Free – We are a synthetic nitrile only facility

4) SURGICAL STYLE GLOVES – NOT AVAILABLE – We only offer ambidextrous examination style gloves

4) NITRILE GLOVE – 3.0g Powder Free – NOT AVAILABLE – We only focus on medium weight gloves

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe,

From W.A. Rubbermate Co., Ltd